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The Capital Guarantee Program

  • Offers few restrictions than traditional project funding

  • 25M or more per project, for any projects with a lower size consider creating a bundle of related project portfolio and use one finance facility to fund them all.

  • Investment (equity and/or debt) can be expedited under a capital guarantee of some sort – sovereign, private or bank – for financing up to 100% of the project’s budget, reaching financial closing in less than 30 days, with first draw 30-45 days later.

  • This program accepts only projects that deliver positive impact and does no social or environmental harm.

  • The main documentation that are required for due diligence are :

                  1)The executive summary of the project

                  2)The project financials, budget and costs                          with use of funds statement .

                 3) The proposed monthly drawdown schedule.

                 4) The SBLC /BG/SG Verbiage from your Bank.

                 5) The RWA Letter.Confirming the Bank                                  readiness to issue the SBLC/BG

                      We will gather all other project documents                      after the due diligence is completed.

Do you meet the requirements mentioned above ? you can send your initial application below.

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