Our Project Portfolio 

Below are some of the projects that we have been or currently still working on 

5 Star Hotel ,Cameroon

This internationally branded 5-star hotel project in the capital city of Cameroon comes with a feasibility study showing it to be competitive, profitable, and  able to support loan repayments. While the full cash amount is being sought the land is already owned which will make a significant impact on the LTV requirements of any loan provider. This is a project which will be developed in an established and growing economic area with all the local employment benefits that will come with it. Worthy of further investigation by any serious financier. The project sponsor will welcome also funding in the form of a Bank Guarantee against equity shares in the project.

To find out more about this project please go here

Ferry Service in the Carrebean

The project wants to take advantage of a specific gap in the Caribbean region travel market. The gap exists in the need for low-cost passenger and cargo services out of any Caribbean port. The gap in the availability of low-cost service in and out of the Caribbean hub coupled with the demand for passenger travel and cargo freight services on selected routes from Barbados indicates that a new entrant ferry service could be expected to capture a significant portion of current travel business at that hub. for more information here

Cement Manufacturing Plant in Rwanda

The project sponsor wants to build a cement manufacturing plant in Rwanda where current the production of cement only meets 40% of the market demand. 60% of cement supply has to be imported. For the last decade until now, Rwanda has been one of the fastest-developing countries in Africa. Yet it stills relies mostly on imported cement to meet the market demand. During the pandemic, many projects had to be halted due to the shortage of cement . There were Government projects that needed to be executed in priority and the demand for cement for these projects was so high that the production and importers were having a hard time meeting the demand. For more information go here

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